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About Us

Founded in 2002, The Back Lot has grown into a broad-based production company.

The company was founded by Eddy Wijngaarde and Hennah Draaibaar, with backgrounds in media production, both domestically and internationally, from feature films to documentaries. They have facilitated the production of films for foreign or local producers, as well as the initiative to build TBL Cinemas, a modern 5-screen multiplex theater that uses advanced film technology.
They knew that Suriname, because of its natural beauty and great variety in population groups, is extremely suitable as a tropical setting for films.
The Back Lot started in a historic building on Kromme Elleboogstraat but is now located at Heerenstraat 24.
Since 2002, The Back Lot has organized an International Film Festival annually around April/May and in December, both in conjunction with an educational program.

Love what we do

“Doing what you love means never working a day in your life.” That’s been our mantra at The Back Lot for over 20 years as we’ve poured our hearts into building a  film scene in Suriname.


Trust is our foundation. We firmly believe it’s the key to successful partnerships, and we prioritize it in all our interactions.


The Back Lot worked with a mix of organizations, institutions, government folks, and especially our amazing friends. They chipped in with  whatever was needed and know-how to help make our dream a reality.


What  excites us is that we now have a rich pool of talented youth in Suriname skilled in the craft of filmmaking. In 2001, during the filming of Paramaribo Papers, almost the entire crew and cast were from the Netherlands. However, in our latest production, Leeuwin, only 25 percent of the crew and cast were from the Netherlands.


We believe that creativity is the ability to turn ideas into action. With our amazing team, we work not only on projects for ourselves but also for others, always placing creativity at the forefront.

Our Team

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Eddy Wijngaarde


Hennah Draaibaar


Esperanza Bodeutsch

Project Manager

Sharlene Bosk


Gino Refos


Naima Karamat Ali


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