The Back Lot Academy

The Back Lot Academy, more commonly known by its cool name ‘The Academy’ began in January 2019 with three mbo programs; Cultural Event Management, Social Media Professional and Audiovisual Professional. At the Academy, you will be prepared for a career in the creative sector.


On the basis of a carefully formulated proposition, young people engage in debate with each other on current social issues. Party political topics are avoided. The debate is led by an impartial presenter, Hennah Draaibaar. There is also a moderator/interpellant, who may interject at any time. She adds depth to the topic and highlights a different viewpoint where appropriate.

10 Minute Youth News

The 10 Minute Youth News started in 2004 and was the first member of Wadada News for Kids. The first 10-minute broadcast was aired on the Surinamese television channel STVS on October 22, 2004. The journal is an initiative of FREE VOICE, a media organization in the Netherlands dedicated to independent journalism and press freedom in developing countries. About 260 broadcasts a year are currently made.

Heerenstraat Festival

Heerenstraat Festival is an annual festival focusing on art, food and culture. In a creative and cultural way, the festival highlights the beautiful city center and its history. Using the four pillars of film, art and culture, education and youth development, The Back Lot aims to turn the beautiful Heerenstraat into a cultural center in the coming years.