Youth Leadership Club

A training program where young people aged 15 – 18 learn to master and apply the following skills in 3 months: basic life skills, creativity, debating, problem solving. After 3 months of physical training, the youth are sent out to work in groups on a social project. The social project involves the historic inner city […]

The Back Lot Academy

The Back Lot Academy, more commonly known by its cool name ‘The Academy’ began in January 2019 with three mbo programs; Cultural Event Management, Social Media Professional and Audiovisual Professional. At the Academy, you will be prepared for a career in the creative sector.


On the basis of a carefully formulated proposition, young people engage in debate with each other on current social issues. Party political topics are avoided. The debate is led by an impartial presenter, Hennah Draaibaar. There is also a moderator/interpellant, who may interject at any time. She adds depth to the topic and highlights a different viewpoint where appropriate.