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Founded in 2002, The Back Lot has grown into a broad-based production company.

The company was founded by Eddy Wijngaarde and Hennah Draaibaar, with backgrounds in media production, both domestically and internationally, from feature films to documentaries. They have facilitated the production of films for foreign or local producers, as well as the initiative to build TBL Cinemas, a modern 5-screen multiplex theater that uses advanced film technology.
They knew that Suriname, because of its natural beauty and great variety in population groups, is extremely suitable as a tropical setting for films.
The Back Lot started in a historic building on Kromme Elleboogstraat but is now located at Heerenstraat 24.
Since 2002, The Back Lot has organized an International Film Festival annually around April/May and in December, both in conjunction with an educational program.






The Back Lot wants to contribute substantially and qualitatively to the social, economic and cultural development of Suriname. The organization does this by, among others, organizing the International Film Festivals.


The specific policy objective of The Back Lot is to give young people the opportunity to develop in an intellectual and cultural sense. By making them aware of events and the development of their own living environment and that of others (also outside Suriname) and by stimulating their critical forming of opinion. Mapping out the creative and artistic possibilities for young people by introducing them to cultural projects, and through this deliver a stimulus for the development of individual qualities and talent.
Eddy WIjngaarde


Hennah Draaibaar


Esperanza Bodeutsch

Project Manager

Sharlene Bosk

Executive Producer

Gino Refos

Events & Marketing

Shivendra Kalloe


Na'ima Karamat Ali


Ligia Nathoe
Kim Sang Marshall
Chaqila Daal
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The Back Lot consists of a diverse and talented group of people who are passionate about their work. From project managers to event organizers, the team is dedicated to achieving each goal with enthusiasm and hard work.

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